Established in 2020, Propter Hawk is a rock and roll outfit from the ambiguous corners of Toronto, Ontario. Commixing influences and sounds, Propter Hawk is Humble Pie, The Beatles, The Band and Otis Redding tossed in a burning barrel at the dark end of an unmarked street. Resurfacing from the pandemic with a plethora of material, the band laid down their finely tuned tracks at Pineship Sound in Toronto with Carlin Nicholson and Mike O’Brien of the staple Canadian rock band Zeus. Employing vintage gear and a live horn section, Propter Hawk established the foundation of their sound on their debut, self titled record. After the release of their 3 singles (Theatre Of The Whole World, Telephone, and Clean Old-Fashioned Hate) and now a full length album, this fiercely dedicated and experienced group of musicians is ready to reveal their distorted vision of a new era of rock and roll.  

Malorie Jo Blake

Brian Derro

Alec McEachern

Jimmy Ruddock